Young's Milky Way Farm
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Ken S. Young, Owner
Janice R. Young, Owner
About Young's Milkyway Farm
Young's Milky Way Farm is family owned and operated right here in Springfield, VT. This farm has been in our family for over 4 generations and has a lot of history and experience at work.  
Ken grew up on this very farm working for his parents and has been committed to farming ever since. Ken does just about everything around the farm from harvesting crops to repairing equipment to working with customers.  

Janice didn't grow up as a country girl, but she became one fast when she met her husband and they took over the family farm. Janice is often behind the scenes, but keeps the farm running smoothly with her bubbling energy and experience.

Kenny, like his father and grandfather, is passionate about farming and plans to take over the farm someday. He loves to drive the tractor and has inherited a good work ethic from his parents. Kenny can usually be found out in the fields or in the shop working on repairs. 

Kenny R. Young, Crop Manager
Joseph "Joey"  Young, 
Welcoming Committee
Joey is the newest addition to our farm family. He is a Labradoodle born in Springfield, VT. He loves to play and run around and give kisses to anyone he meets. We can't wait to see what he thinks about all of the crop work next summer!
Kelli Young, The Newbie
​Kelli also did not grow up on a farm, but worked on a vegetable farm in Maine in the summers. She has become a tractor and truck driver around the farm and is also in charge of managing the website.
Farm History
Ken F. Young bought the farm from his father and his aunt who co-owned it years ago. Ken changed the name of the farm from "Maple Lane Farm" to "Young's Acres" when he took over. He and his wife Alice worked the farm for many years milking cows. He was always known for his beautiful horses and his strong work ethic. Ken S. and Janice Young bought the farm in 1978 and continued milking cows until 1991. They still board dairy heifers, grow corn and hay and sell used farm equipment. 
Left to right - Ken F. Young, his grandfather, and his brother Gerry Young. 
A view of the farm (1950s)
Ken F. Young harrowing with his horses as a young boy.
Ken coming in from the field after raking.
2013 Corn Chopping at Ferry Meadows. 
Baling 3rd cut hay - 2013
The Pride of the Fleet